High Performance Sealants,
Adhesives & More

PFI's Commercial Construction Products serve ALL your commercial construction project needs: Siding, Roofing, Concrete, Interior, Exterior, Sub-Floor, and Architectural.


Our services start while your project is still on the drawing board. We routinely facilitate adhesion testing of the specific substrates which will be used on an upcoming project. This insures proper sealant selection and allows us to offer advice on surface preparation requirements for a water tight installation. As the project progresses our engineers can follow up with onsite ‘pull’ tests to head off any problem areas.

At our store conveniently located in the Cincinnati suburb of Blue Ash you will find a wide variety of sealing products and accessories. We have the leading brands in a virtual rainbow of colors and offer most products in various package sizes. We also stock crucial incidental products such as cleaners, primers, backup materials, and tools needed for a successful installation.

We can also help with the tedious paperwork requirements of most projects. We’ll provide data and sample submittals, MSDS sheets, LEED info, warranty requirements and anything else you need to keep your project running smoothly.

Our philosophy is directly opposite the ‘big box’ we have everything you need approach. We specialize in sealants and caulking. Period. And when you call our company we promise not to put you through any electronic paces but instead your call will be answered by a living, breathing person. And while our firm may be small, our representatives can boast of over ninety years combined experience in the sealant and waterproofing industry. We look forward to helping you deliver a water tight building to the new owner.